Mira gives power to the community and enables access to an on-chain decision making model. It will be the principial token for staking in the MIRA platform.

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In order to use the service, you simply deposit your preferred amount of asset. After depositing, you will earn passive income based on the protocol’s monetary policy.
MIRA consist of DeFi trading features that enable staking liquidity and we can earn while sleep.

Staking Contract

About Mira

Decentralized Finance

Mira is a decentralised platform that enables different features for staking and coinvesting. Mira is the governance token that enables access to an on-chain decision model where users can participate as stakers.

MIRA holders are incentivised to stake their tokens on liquidity pools which comes from the protocol’s inflationary monetary policy. These rewards tokens are distributed to MIRA stakers every 10 day, provided their collateralisation does not fall below the target threshold.